Broadcast Towers Inc. offers value-added services to both Property Owners and Managers, as well as Telecom Operators that are seeking new site locations.

Property Management Services:

Broadcast Towers is committed to providing high quality Telecommunications consulting and management services to Building and Tower Owners and Property Managers. Broadcast Towers utilizes its expertise and experience in the Telecom industry to assist these Owners in maximizing their properties revenue potential generated by various Telecom Operators.
BTI provides management and consulting services to Property Owners for current and future telecommunications systems. In addition to the Telecom Operators that utilize the rooftop of the building for antenna mounting, these systems may be installed by Operators that deliver service directly to the building tenant population, or by a tenant who’s business emphasis is telecommunications. Our goal is to create a telecom positive atmosphere for Owners, Telecom Operators, and Building Tenants.

The facilities owned or managed by our clients get direct exposure to local and national telecom operators that are seeking new sites for their system deployment. In addition our clients are assured that the telecom utilization on their properties are engineered and developed in compliance with local and federal laws and regulations.

BTI’s primary responsibilities as exclusive site manager include:

  • Market Owner’s portfolio to a wide range of telecom operators to maximize the properties revenue growth potential.
  • Negotiate and facilitate completion of telecom operator licenses to utilize the facilities.
  • Act as first point of contact for all of properties Telecom needs.
  • Establish and maintain site engineering standards.
  • Administrative functions.
  • Review telecom operator construction plans, and oversee installations.
  • Work with Owner to provide desired telecom amenities to the buildings office tenants.
  • Protect Owner’s property and limit Owner liability.

Benefits of BTI Site Management

  • Our proven ability to market our telecom sites to Regional and National Providers of all types of technology.
  • Ability to provide building tenants with latest telecom technologies.
  • All Telecom Operator license agreements are contractually executed with building management and BTI.
  • We provide our potential new telecom operators with a single point of contact for their site requirements. This facilitates the site selection and leasing process.
  • BTI oversees all administrative duties for telecom site operators. This will reduce or eliminate Owner’s internal site administrative time commitment.
  • Confidence that your properties are marketed to maximize financial benefits.
  • BTI’s strict telecom site quality standards for critical site issues such as provider installations, site grounding, lightning protection, and electrical surge protection.
  • Strict corporate standards for Environmental Safety and Industrial Hygiene (ESIH) and Electro-magnetic Emissions Exposure (EME) for the protection of all users of the site and personnel with site access.

Technical and Project Management

BTI is experienced in the full management of telecom sites and coordinates installations in the following ways:

  • Coordinate the design, installation, and maintenance of any master antenna systems utilized by Owner or telecom operators at the facility.
  • Coordinate all telecom related technical, maintenance, or upgrade work required at the facility. This includes work required to ensure facility meets all OSHA, FCC, FAA and other governmental guidelines.
  • Utilize its team of professional experienced subcontractors to perform work at the facility on an as needed basis.
  • Insure proper technical specifications are included in all new telecom operator lease agreements and that operators comply with these technical standards.

The selection of Broadcast Towers as your exclusive site manger will offer you the greatest potential opportunity to capture an ever-increasing revenue stream from the burgeoning telecommunications industry.

Your properties will be marketed as “Telecom Friendly” to all wireless, cable, and fiber communications operators that are interested in utilizing your location(s) to build out their local, regional, and nationwide communications systems. Your legal, management, and engineering departments will avoid the often-overwhelming demands required to respond to specific telecom site leasing opportunities.

Broadcast Towers will oversee the entire marketing, development, engineering and administrative activities of your properties as they relate to Telecom Operators

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