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Broadcast Towers Inc. is a full-service telecommunications site manager with over ten years expertise in successfully providing high quality consulting and management services to both Building and Tower owners, as well as Property Managers.

BTI has corporate offices in Sarasota, Florida and Dallas, Texas. In addition, we also have Representatives located in many regional markets across the country. Our team is comprised of specialized individuals, each highly trained and experienced in the telecommunications arena. BTI understands the importance of building and maintaining a partnership relationship with our building owners, property managers, and the Telecom Providers.

Our business strategy is to develop a portfolio of quality, premium managed properties to be utilized as multi-use telecom sites throughout the nation. BTI is aggressively adding new properties to our current inventory for utilization by telecom providers in major markets.

BTI has a national telecom provider base which includes agencies of Federal Government, State and Local Government, nationwide and regional Paging carriers, Cellular telephone carriers, Personal Communication Services carriers, Specialized Mobile Relay Carriers, Wireless Internet and Data providers, Fiber and Cable providers, and many others. We are continually successful in marketing our telecom site inventory to these large telecom provider markets by emphasizing our quality, location, and value.

BTI also has extensive experience in the technical aspects involved in operating a highly complex and technical business that is presently experiencing revolutionary change and growth. Our management, agents, and subcontractors are experienced and highly trained in engineering, construction, operations, real estate management, sales and marketing, zoning, and permitting. This motivated team is able to accomplish the technical aspects of our business, as well as the more traditional business functions of accounting and administration. BTI has the expertise to design, construct, and maintain world-class quality, professional operated telecom site facilities.

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